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We guarantee you favorable transfer conditions.

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Low and transparent fees, starting at just £0.99 for international transfers.The first transaction is free.

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That's how quickly the recipient will receive the transfer from you

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For 24 hours, we guarantee you the exchange rate that was accepted in your order – you have that much time to make the payment.

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The most important thing is that the transfer transaction...

The most important thing is that the transfer transaction did not hang like in the case of others, who blamed "my" bank for the failure, and here was the first attempt and success, and an additionally lower fee compared to others. I am satisfied, I greet the company.



I am very satisfied with this company

I am very satisfied with this company because I receive a message about a given money transfer that it has reached a given bank. I have confirmation from this company, I highly recommend it, I will continue to use it.



I would especially like to thank you

I would especially like to thank the lady with whom I talked on Friday when ordering the transfer. Unfortunately, I forgot her name. It was thanks to her professional help that everything went smoothly and quickly



I am very satisfied with the safe...

I am very satisfied with the safe transfer from EasySend.pl. I have been using your services for a very long time, thank you for allowing me to make transfers through you and waiting patiently for the bank transfer.



Hello, I have been working with you for a long time...

Hello, I have been making transfers with you for a long time, I talked to a consultant recently and I needed help. Very nice and reliable service. No problems. I am very satisfied with your services. Regards.



Hello, I am always satisfied. Everything is going smoothly...

I have been using Easysend services for over 10 years. I am always satisfied. Once I had a problem with my card and I was very pleasantly surprised when someone from Easysend called me and helped me make the transfer directly over the phone.



I have been with easysend for years

I have been with easysend for years, I have been using their services and I have never had a problem. The consultants are perfect in their work, nice, polite and very, very helpful. Just using their services is a pleasure



Safety, honesty, guarantee

Having worked with you for a long time, I can guarantee complete security and guarantees. Transfers are made according to the selected method and are always done on time. Service fees are appropriate. I highly recommend


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