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Most frequently searched topics

How can I use the referral program?

It's easy! You must have a customer account with EasySend. Once in the Customer Panel, go to the tab "Recommend and earn." You will find your referral link there. Send it using your chosen one communicator. Every person who creates an account after clicking on your link is counted as recommended by You. If you do not have an account at EasySend, you must create one. Don't worry, it will only take time 20 seconds. Then send at least 1 transfer. We are waiting for you!"

Do I need to register and how can i do that?

Yes, registration is required. In order to sign up, click ‘sign up’ at the top-right corner of the screen. Use your own email address and a password of your choice to activate your easysend account.

What if I’ve forgotten my EasySend password?

You can choose ‘forgot password’ below the fields with login details. We’ll send a password reset link to the email address you enter.

How do i transfer money?

In order to transfer money, in the first step, log in to the EasySend customer panel and make a transfer order. When you click ‘make transfer’, our system will ask you to choose a recipient. If there’s no recipient on your list yet, click ‘add a new recipient’. The second step is to enter the transfer amount in the input or output currency and choose one of the transfer methods available for the desired transfer direction. Next, you’ll just have to pay for the order by quick online payment, payment card, or bank transfer to the bank account specified in our system.

When will the recipient receive the funds?

  • Transfers with cash pickup (cash pickup at the post office in Poland, cash pickup in others countries). For cash pickup, delivery time is up to 10 minutes. On the first transfer additional verification may be needed to maintain security transactions and compliance with applicable regulations, which may slightly extend this time.
  • Transfers to a bank account, the transfer processing time depends on the selected direction and currency and will be provided when entering the transfer. Depending on what you choose type of transfer can be completed within 10 minutes to 1-3 business days. When making your first transfer, you may need additional verification for your purpose maintain transaction security and compliance with applicable regulations, which may slightly extend this time.
  • Transfers to a card Transfers to a card are delivered to the recipient within 10 minutes a maximum of one business day.
  • What accounts/currencies can I transfer money to?

  • Transfers with cash pickup (cash pickup at the post office in Poland, cash pickup in others countries) - Cash collection in Poland at Polish Post offices is only possible in currency PLN. Cash pickup in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Uzbekistan is possible in two currencies: USD or EUR.
  • Transfers to bank accounts Depending on the country of origin, we make transfers to accounts conducted in three currencies (PLN, GBP, EUR). We make international transfers in: the same currency, e.g. GBP-GBP, EUR-EUR if they are ordered in two different ones countries. We do not make domestic transfers in the same currency, e.g. PLN-PLN in Poland. On At the client's request, we can perform unusual transactions, in directions or currencies not listed above - possible only after telephone contact with our customer service office. During contact, individual conditions will be agreed for a selected order.
  • Transfers to card Transfers to card are made to debit and credit cards Mastercard and Visa in UAH to Ukraine. Transfers can only be made to individual cards.
  • Where can I find information about the current currency exchange rate?

    The current exchange rate can be checked at any time on our website. The transfer is made according to the exchange rate specified in the transfer order, which is valid for 24 hours hours.

    Can I check the progress of my transfer?

    Yes. in the "transfer history" tab you can see all the orders you have made transfers. The "completed" status means that the transfer has already been sent to the i bank waiting for posting by the recipient's bank or (in the case of cash-on-delivery transfers). cash) the funds are now ready for collection and the collection code has been sent to the provided number phone. The "pending" status means that the order has been entered by you and is waiting for payment. If you have paid for the order correctly and its status is still pending, you may mean that the transfer requires verification or additional documents are required. The "in progress" status means that the order has been paid correctly by you and is pending for implementation. It will be sent to the recipient soon. The "rejected" status applies to those orders that have not been paid within 24 hours of entering the orders or have been removed from due to lack of verification or return of the transfer from the recipient."

    What is a SuperFast transfer?

    SuperFast transfer is an express transfer available on working days from 07.00 to 17.00 GMT, available for transfers sent to PLN accounts in Poland and to accounts conducted in GBP currency in Great Britain. SuperFast transfer is delivered to your account recipients in up to 10 minutes. Transfer delivery time may vary depending on selected recipient's bank in Poland.

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