Limits and documents

Why do I have to provide my details when making a transfer?

This is related to legal regulations defining the rules for international money transfers. The data and documents we require and recognize may vary depending on the country of registration and the nationality of the sender.

What identification data do I need to provide?

The basic identification data we require is:
  • first name and last name,
  • date of birth,
  • residential address in the country of origin,
  • reason for making transfers,
  • contact details - e-mail and telephone number.
  • When and what documents do I need to complete?

    It will be necessary to add scans or photos of documents when the total of your transfers exceeds the equivalent of EUR 1,000 within a period of 90 days or if the country of sending or receiving the funds requires it. The system will inform you with a message when and where documents should be added. The standard document we require to increase the limit is a document confirming identity. Once verification is completed, the limit on transfers sent will be increased to the equivalent of EUR 15,000 within 90 days. For the sum of transfers exceeding the equivalent of EUR 15,000 within a period of 90 days, a document confirming the source of the funds must be provided. Additionally, in accordance with the regulations, EasySend may require its clients to present additional or non-standard documents depending on the risk assessment of a given transaction.

    What document confirming my identity can I attach and in what form should it be?

    The document confirming identity should be current and contain visible data, i.e. name and surname, document number, date of issue and expiry date. The photo or scan of the document should be clear, and all data on it should be legible and not cut off.
  • Passport,
  • Eur National ID Card – issued in an EU Member State,
  • A driving license issued in the United Kingdom (driving licenses issued from other countries are not accepted),
  • Residence permit issued in an EU Member State (for citizens of non-EU countries).
  • What document confirming the source of funds can I attach?

    The document confirming the source of funds should clearly specify and certify where the transferred funds come from. This may be, for example, a bank statement, sales agreement, loan agreement, notarial deed, etc.

    What happens if an EasySend customer refuses to comply with the document production procedure?

    If the customer does not comply with the requirements to present the document, EasySend has the right to refuse to process the transfer. If money laundering or other crime is suspected, EasySend has a legal obligation to inform the relevant authorities without having to notify the customer.

    I run a company, what documents do I need to complete?

    Shareholding company, LTD, LLC, SP. Z O.O./ Company with shareholders' liability up to the amount of the guarantee. (Limited by guarantee)

  • Copy of the company registration document - e.g. certificate of incorporation, extract from the National Court Register
  • Documents confirming the identity of all company directors
  • If you, the owner of the EasySend account, are not the owner/director/shareholder of the company, then we require you to present a letter signed by one of the directors authorizing you to make transfers on behalf of the company and a copy of his ID card
  • If one or more shareholders are another company, we require a copy of the company's registration document
  • In the case of companies outside the UK and Poland, additional documents may be required (partnership agreement, document confirming the address of residence of the director/easysend account owner), confirmation of issuing a VAT number (optional)
  • Partnership/Partnership

  • Company agreement
  • A document confirming the identity and address of the owner/partner of the easysend account
  • Confirmation of issuing the VAT number (optional)
  • Sole proprietorship/Freelancer

  • Document confirming the conducted activity
  • Document confirming identity
  • Confirmation of residential address if the company registration document does not confirm the current residential address
  • Confirmation of issuing the VAT number (optional)
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