Do I have to register and what does it involve?

Yes, registration is necessary. To register, just click on the top right corner of the page select the "Register" option. You can create and activate an account on the website using your own address e-mail address and password of your choice.

Do I need to register again if I have already used EasySend but have not done so online transfer?

You don't have to - each customer should have one account on our website. As a registered customer you can make transfers in the customer panel (available after logging in). contact us if you need help logging in for the first time.

What should I do if I forgot my password to the website?

Under the login details there is a 'I forgot my password' option. To the address you provided We will send you an e-mail link that will allow you to change your password.

Do I have to provide the required documents and how can I provide them?

In the interests of transaction security, we are obliged by European law to confirming the identity of our customers. If you order transfers whose sum does not exceed the equivalent of EUR 1,000 within a period of 90 days and you send funds within the EEA countries (zone free trade and the common market, covering the European Union and European countries free trade associations) we do not require attaching documents. For total transfers exceeding the equivalent of EUR 1,000, you must verify your profile using photos of an identity document taken in real time. With some transfers may require additional verification to maintain security transactions and compliance with applicable regulations. Until such verification takes place carried out, the transfer may be suspended.

What documents can I provide?

Depending on the country of issue, these may be different documents. Documents accepted by us identity cards: ID card, passport, UK driving license, residence card (for non-EEA citizens).

Do I have to confirm my identity every time?

No - if the documents have already been positively verified, there is no need to verify them again confirm your identity. Exceptions are expiration of the validity period or loss of the document. The expiration date of the documents is specified on the document.

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